Thursday, October 7, 2010

Internet Marketing

I am learning.   Previously the www for me was a place to browse, learn, shop.  But now I am into a whole new world of Facebook, Blogging, Marketing, Linkedin-ing.  And I have not even got to SEO yet!  I am sure I coud spend whole days surfing and connecting instead of being focused on the jobs at hand.
 Thanks to for the crash course and thanks to Aedan at
for the connect to Damien and more.

The iia is today running a course called 8 ways to sell more stuff  but I thought I'd better stay at home and learn how to walk before running.  I hope somebody shares. 

I am really excited about the potential of Facebook to give my business a kick start.  I am running a photo competition of a baby wearing an Amber Teething Necklace.  I hope the prospect of winning something will get people linking.   

I was at the printers and am looking forward to seeing my flyer's etc.  To have a business card will make it more real - not just an business in cyberspace. 

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