Friday, February 18, 2011 is 3 months old!

      It is hard to believe that our 3rd baby (of a different kind)  is 3 months old.  And we are pleased with the start we have had.  We are happy to say we have had just over 2,000 visitors and 10,000 page views!

     Thank you to all our customers and visitors for getting us this far.  It has been such a pleasure to take your orders and post out a little teething wonder.  Thank you all for your feed-back and referrals.  We know referrals will be the life blood of this business and we appreciate every little word. 

3 Things I have learned since went live?

  1. That I need to be patient and let the numbers grow.  I have targets you see.  I have numbers that I want to see by year end.  I have to keep telling myself that we are not at year end yet and be patient.
  2. That I need to have a plan before I sit down to my desk.  When I sit, I need to be focused and decisive.   I need to have succeeded in my aim before I leave the desk.  Who knows when you will get to sit down again!
  3. I have learned how to Facebook!  Well it is early days yet but I am getting there.  Facebook tried to sabotage me a few times by changing things but I am getting over it.  If fact, we are running a competition to celebrate our birthday over on Facebook.  So check it out at
So we still have some work to do.  I have yet to tell you more about amber!  I will get around to that when I do a bit more work on point 2 above!

Until the next time, enjoy your babies.

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