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Amber Teething Necklaces - Your Questions Answered

There are a number of questions regarding Amber and Amber Teething Necklaces and Bracelets that come up frequently from our customers.  So I thought I would put together the answers to the most common ones we hear.

Q. What is Amber?
A. Amber is the fossilised resin of trees.  40 million years ago, this resin was exuded by trees to heal damage to a branch or trunk.  The resin remained intact to become a fossil and still retains it's healing properties. 

Q.  What is Baltic Amber?
A. This is amber from areas around the Baltic Sea in Europe.  Baltic Amber is the only type of amber you should use for healing.  It contains a higher percentage (8%) of succinite, its healing element, than amber from any other area.

Q. What do you do with it?
A.  Baby wears it against the skin.  The warmth of the skin against the amber will allow baby to absorb the healing element in amber - succinite.  Best results will be had if it is worn 24/7.   

Q. What will it do for my baby?
A.  It reduces inflammation, clears red cheeks, eases pain, stimulates the thyroid to reduce drooling (so skin and nappy conditions clear up).  Irritability is reduced and baby sleeps better.  You will have a calmer, happier baby.

Q. How does it help teething?
A.  Amber contains succinite.  This a substance that is found in nature and in our bodies (in much smaller amounts than Baltic amber). Succinite acts as a anti-inflammatory and an analgesic.  Succinite is regognised by the medical world and is chemically manufactured today by the pharmacutical industry for use in immune system medications.  The healing benefit of Amber has been known about since ancient times.  Amber Teething Necklaces have been used throughout Europe for generations.

Q. Does baby chew it?
A. No, it is not to be chewed.  The necklaces we sell are mostly 32cm which is too short to reach up to the mouth. 

Q.  Will baby pull it?
A. Amber is very light - so light it can float on salted water.  It is also warm, not like a stone.  Because it is so light and warm and has rounded edges, it is very comfortable to wear and babies seldom notice it after a few hours.  If you tuck it under their clothing a few times, they generally become used to it and forget they are wearing it. 

Q.  What will happen if it gets pulled?
A.   Our products are threaded on cotton.  If they are pulled hard or caught in something, they will break.  If they do break, only one bead will come loose because they are knotted between each bead.

Q.  What happens if baby swallows a bead?
A.  The amber beads we sell are small enough to simple pass through the system without harming baby. 

Q.  How old should baby be to start wearing it?
A.  An Amber Teething Bracelet is safe to use from 2 months.  Wait until baby is 4 months old and has good head and neck control before using a Amber Teething Necklace.  Always supervise a baby when wearing an Amber Teething Necklace.

Q.  Should I take it off while baby is sleeping?
A.  You can put An Amber Teething Necklace around the wrist or ankle for sleep time, wound around twice.  Amber works best when in constant contact with the skin and won't help if continually removed.  That is why we recommend an Amber Teething Set for your convenience.

Q.  Are they safe?
A.  We recommend that you keep your baby under supervision whilst wearing an Amber Teething Necklace or Bracelet.  If you do not wish your baby to wear a necklace whilst sleeping, it can be removed and placed on the wrist or ankle, wound around twice and tucked under clothing. 

The Amber Teething Necklaces and Bracelets we sell incorporate the following safety features:
  • Our necklaces are 32cm long.  They are short enough so an not to hang down and get caught in playthings.
  • They are threaded on cotton which will break if caught on something or pulled.
  • They is a knot between each bead so that if it breaks, only one bead will come loose.
  • The beads are rounded and polished so that no sharp edges remain.
  • The beads are small enough to be harmless if swallowed and are not toxic. 
Q. Should you see an effect immediately?
A. We have heard back from parents that they noticed a difference within a half hour.  But it can take up to a week for other babies.  Also, the older they are, the longer it can take to see a difference. 

Q.  How long will the amber work?
A. An Amber Teething Necklace is good for a babies teething journey, up to 3 years.  If cared for, it may be good for a second or third child.  It can become brittle and faded over time.  It is still good for helping with ear and throat problems beyond teething. 

Q. How should I clean it?
A. Just rub the beads with a soft wet cloth.  It can be immersed in water but this will shorted the life of the thread.  Plain water will not harm the amber but washing agents/detergents may so take it off while in the bath or swimming pool.  Do not let your amber come in contact with hot water or a hot radiator.

Q.  Why are they different colours and shapes? 
A. Amber comes from nature in a range of colours from transparent through the colour spectrum to black.  If it is genuine Baltic amber, it contains 8% succinite and all colours works in the same way.  It comes naturally in different sizes and shapes.  These are graded and categorised to make different products.  You can choose which you think will look best on your baby.  The choice is purely aesthetic.  Because amber is natural, every product is unique and different.

Q.  How do I know if it is genuine Amber?
A. We here at buy only from reputable suppliers directly from the Baltic area.  We test all our deliveries to ensure it is genuine amber.  It is not in our interest to sell anything other than genuine Baltic amber because referals are the life blood of this business and we need you and your baby to be happy.  I will do a further blog on how to test amber. 

Q.  Can adults use amber for healing?
A.  Amber can be helpful to adults for many complaints such as headaches, rhumatism, insomnia, thyroid problems, throth problems, ear problems.  At, we also stock Amber Necklaces for adults.

If your question is not answered here, please have a look at our website for more information.  Or email us at

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  1. I was first told about the amber teething beads when my LO was 4 mths by a friend who lives in Spain. I sent off for some and I've never looked back. I know my LO was going to suffer with her teeth but since we put them on her every day the differnce is unbelieveable. No drooling (6 bibs a day)no red cheeks and we didn't know when she was cutting a tooth. We have 4 back teeth to come so she still wears them.
    My sister broke her ankle last year and had 6 pins & 2 plates put in and was in a lot of pain. A friend of hers had a baby and she asked me where I got the beads from so she could give them as a gift. I had a spare set (paranoid in case I'd loose the originals) and gave them to her. She put them around her wrist for safe keeping and to date she has not had to take any pain killers for her ankle. The poor baby will have to wait a while for those beads.
    I ordered another set of beads this time for my Aunt who has a lot of health problems. My sister told her about the pain relief she's getting from them and my Aunt says its unbelievable the difference it has made to her. Even the pain in her back has eased.
    Amber beads in my opinion are not only for babies but are also great for adults and I'd have no hesitation in recomending them to anyone.