Saturday, June 11, 2011

Amber and Pain Relief for Bones

 Amber can aid healing for all kinds of ailments, including joint pain, headaches, thyroid problems, digestive problems to name just a few.  I knew this but in my conversations with customers and on my website, I have been cautious in promoting this.  I have kept to what I have had evidence of myself and can stand over with hand on heart and teething relief is what I know about.  But I had a chat with a lady last week and it surprised even me.  I feel I have to share it with you.

Sharon got in touch to purchase a necklace for her Aunt who has joint pain.  So, as is my usual wont, I enquired how she know about amber.  She told me that her daughter, Billie Anna, had an amber teething necklace from 6 months old, received as a gift from a Spanish friend, and they never noticed when a new tooth appeared.  They went from 6 bibs a day to none and no red cheeks any more. 

Now one day Sharon's sister Janet came to visit.  She wanted to know where to get an Amber Teething Necklace as she wanted to make a gift to a friend who had a new baby.  At that time, Janet had a broken ankle (can you imagine 6 pins and 2 plates in your ankle!) and was in a cast and on crutches.  Sharon had a spare necklace to give her and just for ease of carrying it, she wrapped it around Janet's wrist.  Up to this time, Janet had been in a bad way with her ankle and was using pain killers as often as allowed.  After Sharon put the amber necklace on her, she noticed she did not need the pain killers any more!  When she subsequently met a Spanish physiotherapist, he was not in the least surprised with her story and said Amber is used quite commonly for bone complaints or problems.

So there you have it!   I am telling it here as it is!  Sharon also says her Aunt is getting great relief from her aches and pains from her gift of amber also.  Even the pain in her back has eased.  Sharon says "Amber beads in my opinion are not only for babies but are also great for adults and I'd have no hesitation in recomending them to anyone"

We do have a small range of Adult Amber available at and we will be adding more.

We would love to hear your story about amber too.  Please feel free to post to out Facebook page or contact us


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