Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One little tip to ensure you don't lose your amber!

I have heard it said many times:  "I took the necklace off in the changing room when swimming and now I don't know where it is".  It seems there are amber gremlins in the changing rooms of swimming pools all over the country that just love amber!  It is best to keep your amber away from swimming pool water as over time, the chlorine will render it useless.  So we are posting this little tip to ensure your little one remain free of the dreaded teething symptoms: 

Take it off before you leave the house!  

Some people, myself included, wrap it around the car gear stick for the duration of the swim.   And tell other bathing companions to do the same thing so no one can point an accusing finger at the other when it goes missing. 

We hope this is helpful to all you active swimmers.  Enjoy your swim!

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