Monday, November 11, 2013

What can Teething SOS teach Michael O'Leary?

Michael O’Leary of Ryanair has come over all cuddly! In his new drive to appease shareholders, he is adopting a new attitude to his customers.  He wants to make life easier for them.  So he is taking a leaf out of our book in good customer relations and designing an easier checkout procedure for his customers. 

People are busy.  We know that.  Especially parents!  They want to get their information and make their online purchase as quickly and easily as possible.  Had he asked our opinion, we could have told Michael O’Leary this bit of information a long time ago.  When we established our business, quality service was integral to what we have to offer.  So when designing and building our website, 

The 3 Click Checkout 

was vital.  If you purchase an airline ticket with Ryanair, you make a huge 17 clicks.  But if you want to purchase an amber necklace, 3 will do!  We don’t direct you many pages asking you to click that you don’t want to purchase something.  Neither do we charge you extra for using your credit card!  You simply have to click

Buy Now



How easy could it be?  So you can depend on Teething SOS for the easy checkout option.  

And when our new website Amber SOS comes online in the next 2 weeks, we will be making life even easier for those of you who prefer PayPal.  It will be integrated on our checkout page so you will simply have to key in your password.   

Has anyone got Michael O’Leary’s email address?   I’d send him a link to let him see how it should be done!

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